3 Things to Look For in an ICF Supplier

freefav ICF


freefav ICF

ICFs, or insulated concrete forms, are ideal for a wide range of construction projects for the numerous advantages that they offer. First and foremost of these is the energy efficiency that can be achieved with the material, because of its superior insulating capabilities. Residential and commercial property owners, in a study, have found as much as forty percent of savings on their energy bills because of ICFs. Additionally, the product is said to help reduce sound infiltration in homes and buildings, and contribute to more comfortable interiors. Installation is also straightforward and doesn’t take too long, in most cases.


Because of these, ICF construction has seen a marked increase over the years. So if you are interested in seeing how the product can benefit your home or commercial property, you will find that the investment will be worth it. And to build on these rewards, looking for these three things from your ICF supplier is important.


Product Quality

The very first thing that your supplier should be able to provide is outstanding product quality. ICF is a material that offers a lot of promise, but it should be designed according to the highest industry standards to be able to harness its full potential.

When verifying product quality, it is helpful to look at what others are saying about the manufacturer. Standing helps a lot in establishing whether a brand has lived up to what is required by the industry. Also, check how previous clients have found their experience with the product.

Zego, for instance, makes sure that each ICF in its catalogue has passed its stringent manufacturing requirements before it is made available to the public. Also, they provide product trainings so that their clients are informed on everything that they should know to make the most out of the product.


Comprehensive Warranty

A good warranty is also a must. Your investment must be protected with the right support from the supplier, in case of issues. Maintenance should also be carried out by the company from which you bought your ICFs to make sure that all according preventive measures are properly implemented to keep the product functional throughout its lifespan.


Personalised Customer Service

Lastly, your supplier should be able to guide you through every step of the process and tailor-fit solutions that correspond to your specific needs. If you have any questions or concerns about the product, your supplier should also be the first resource that you consult.