Advantages of Sonic Drilling Over Traditional Drilling According to Sonic Drill Rig Manufacturers

Advantages of Sonic Drilling OverTraditional Drilling According to  Sonic Drill Rig Manufacturers

How does the sonic drill rig manufacturers see the industry as it is today? Industry experts and the brains behind this space are all agreeing that it is still within its adoption phase. What does this signify?

It means to say that drilling contractors are compelled to play a role in educating their geotechnical, environment, mining and water well clients everything there is to learn about this technology and by doing so help them understand why employing this drill strategy is far more advantageous for their project at hand compared to other methods. 

Sonic drilling is way faster compared to traditional overburden drilling methods

This is a qualified sonic technology which means to say that it utilizes high-frequency resonance to help in minimizing or eliminating friction between the core barrel being advanced and the subsurface being encountered. The allows for maximum core recover and efficient penetration in varying degrees of subsurface conditions. 

While drilling is in progress, the resonant energy is being relayed to the drill string up to the bit face in different sonic frequencies. The energy is distributed evenly as well as its impact to the bit face by simultaneously rotating the drill string.  

Sonic drilling lowers waste build-up by up to 80%. 

By virtue of innovative casing advancement system, sonic drilling will help in eliminating slough, sand, dolomite and many other unconsolidated objects. Hence, what you will obtain is improved sample integrity.  

Sonic drilling provides superior information

If your objective for drilling is to obtain a core sample of unmatched accuracy and quality through whatever type of formation, sonic drilling is your method of choice. Coming with a deviation rate of less than 1%, environmental scientists, geologists, and drillers can ascertain from where a particular sample has originated from.  

Provides easy access to fragile terrains, even those hard-to-reach drill sites. 

At the most remote drill sites, a sonic drill is offering track-mounted rigs. They come with goat-like versatility so you can enjoy accessibility beyond what a heavy duty truck can provide. Compact drill pads, which are a third to half size smaller compared to traditional pads, eliminates the need to destroy trees and the graded land will help provide you with a workable drill site.  

Why is Sonic Drilling More Beneficial Than Other Methods?

1. More Environment-Friendly

This method of drilling has less to zero environmental impact in the sense that it only makes use of compressed air or air-water in order to flush up against your cutting up to the ground surface. 

It eliminates the need to introduce mud or lubricants to the hole, hence, minimizing contamination in what can be best described as sensitive environments. Overall, it is likely to produce minimal amounts of waste. 

2. More Efficient

Reduced amount of friction during the drilling process translates into much faster drilling. The lesser amount of disturbance to the surrounding environment works to your advantage in the sense that you have faster site clean-up. 

3. Reduced Costs

Generally speaking, sonic drill rigs are much smaller in size and therefore may require less horsepower. Thus, it allows for lower fuel costs to transport it and run.  What can you have when you can drill much faster and in the process of doing so, you are producing a lesser amount of waste. This transforms into lower labor costs and a much lower overall costs for every square foot on the site of the drilling project.