ICF Contractors for Homes that Lasts

There are a number of reasons why so many people choose ICF contractors to take charge of their homes. Basically, it’s because having these people do ICF construction means that you are having something that is energy-efficient, tough, and can really last for a lifetime while requiring very minimal upkeep only.


What is Insulated Concrete Forms?


ICF are pre-made forms that fit together like large interlocking blocks or like legos. The outside part of the forms are flat sheets of foam insulations. The sheets are being connected with a plastic framework. During the time of construction, the blocks are being fitted together, laced with a rebar, and then filled with concrete.

Since inside and outside for the forms are insulated, this means that you are provided with high level of wall insulation. This is something that you can rarely see in standard home construction. Additionally, since the blocks fit together seamlessly, there will be very little air filtration which then increases its effective insulation value.

ICF can even be used for basements, multi-storey homes, and underground homes. ICF contractors can start from the foundation then go all the way to the roofline. There are some builders that use only insulated concrete foundation forms then combine them with other building methods above the ground.


ICF: Energy Efficiency

Among the primary reasons why ICF is preferred is because of being energy-efficient. Since the walls are insulated in a uniform manner using a solid sheet of foam, both inside and out, there will be no channels where air can seep through. There are no hot and cold spots when it comes to ICF walls.

Also, the amount of concrete that is being used in the structure provides the home with thermal mass. This means that it can hold the temperature really well.  If you heat it up, it will stay warm. If you fill the house with cool air, it will stay cool as well.


ICF: Durability

Another good reason why ICF construction is preferred is durability. Since the weather can be very unpredictable, ICF is best to be chosen as it can provide protection. This is a good investment as you don’t have to spend money just to purchase materials that will serve as protection in case of weather changes or some natural disasters.


ICF Construction

As mentioned, concrete forms are well assembled, laced with rebar, lego-style, and filled with concrete. Since rebar and concrete provides strength to the wall, temporary framing is being used during the pour.

With all these things, it’s no wonder why we are seeing more homeowners opting for ICF construction. As everyone wants to get value for their money and investment, ICF is really the best way to go so you can make sure that you get returns for your investment.