What to Look for in an Absorbent Mat?

As they say, you will only get what you really paid for. This is especially true when talking about absorbent mats. In this very uncertain economy that we have today, the majority of people are looking for different ways on how they can cut down costs. But the good thing in choosing an absorbent mat is the fact that you can have it at a low price which translates into big savings. It’s just a matter of choosing the kind of mat that you really need and understanding what the specific mat can offer you.

Basically, there four different types of absorbents: socks and booms, granular, and mat. Knowing these varieties is the very step when choosing a mat for your needs.

Some of the key uses of mats would include catching leaks in machinery, to line walkways, and to soak up spills. If you a buyer, make sure that you look after these things:



It’s important to know your purpose of buying an absorbent mat. Are you going to use it in an area with light foot traffic? Or does it have to endure a forklift or cart traffic? If you need one that needs to be used intensely, be sure that you get a durable one.



How long do you intend to use the mat? Do you need it only to absorb a spill? Or do you have plans of using it for a long time in areas like a walkway?


Retention and Absorbency

How much liquid does your mat have to absorb? How long do you expect it to hold the liquid?


Kind of Liquid

Is the mat intended to absorb solvent, oil, acid, coolant, or water? There are some types that can repel water and be able to absorb other types of liquid. Choosing the best option will basically depend on buyer’s application.


Size and Shape


How much space is your mat going to cover? Mats are available in rolls or rectangular shapes. The key is to know the size of the space that will be covered and how quickly the spill should be absorbed. If you need it only for small spills or quick deployment, then rectangular mats would work best. On the other hand, if it has to cover larger areas for a longer time, roll will be the best option.

Each of the choices comes with cost implications. You may think that choosing a high absorbent one for spill may seems like the best option, but if the spill is light, then you will end up tossing it away and you wouldn’t be able to make the most out of its capabilities.

This is why it’s very important that you know the different kinds of mats so you would be able to get one that will best serve the purpose and you will not be wasting money.