Reasons to Choose Self Bunded Diesel Tanks


Industries that deal with the handling of hazardous liquids or petrochemicals need quality storage solutions to keep the contents safe and secure. Hence, buying tanks or containers become a necessity. You can find varied options in the market when it is about choosing a fuel tank for your industrial or factory applications.


Self bunded diesel tanks, a popular choice among the tank varieties comes with double steel walls that prevent the chances of inundation or leaks. Since this container structure is easy to move and relocate, chemical and energy industries find it as a best buy. So let us check for the main benefits of using this tank type.

  • Easy installation and maintenance: Installing self-bunded tanks in your site is an easy job as the relocation procedure is stress free. Moreover, you can even add a 24v diesel pumps and other additional equipments as per your requirements.
  • Durable: This containment system with double walls renders remarkable strength and durability. Manufactured from the toughest material to the highest standards, self-bunded tanks provide excellent value for your money.
  • Ideal storage option: Bunding system of this tank is impervious in nature that can prevent the leaks or deluge. Plus, it negates the chances of any harmful chemical reactions and damages. 

Innovatively designed and built fuel tanks with bunding can be configured to your requirements. However, make it a point to purchase the diesel tanks that was manufactured in accordance with Australian standards and that too from trustworthy supplier.


Choose Your Bunded Fuel Tanks

Choosing the right fuel storage system in an industrial setting is a process that demands careful thought and research. Careless handling or wrong storage choice can lead to leaks which can be dangerous to environment and people. Diverse range of tank types is available in the market from which you need to make a pick.

If you are wondering how to find the right bunded fuel tanks from the long list of options, go through the following pointers mentioned below, which will ease your decision making.

  • Your needs: Have a clear understanding about your requirements. Consider the industrial settings and operations into account before listing down your preferred specifications.
  • Understand the different tank types: You can search over the internet to find information regarding the various fuel storage types and drum handling equipment.  Weigh the pros and cons of each style in accordance with your needs.
  • Choose the right size: Fuel storage units should neither too big nor too small. Hence get the measurements accurate. So calculate the amount of fuel you will need to store for determining the size and capacity of tanks.
  • Inspect the materials: Every chemical react differently. So when you choose a tank, examine the materials of tank to avoid any hazardous reactions in future. Moreover, ensure to purchase top quality materials.

Above all, you have to select a reliable dealer like from which you can buy the best quality fuel storage systems. Some of the suppliers even offer guidance to help their customers in choosing the right tank for their storage purposes.