Simple and Easy Ways to Maintain Your 3D Printing Machine

Simple and Easy Ways to Maintain Your 3D Printing Machine

A 3D printing machine could be a finicky kind of hardware. As you use it, for sure you wouldn’t want to deal with a filament problem or encounter a breakdown while in the middle of your work. Just like with other types of machines, you have to take good care if it, too. Such rule is applicable to the majority of printers, especially that, we have to admit, many printers today are manufactured not the way we’d like them to be.

The Importance of Maintenance

Given the above situation, the importance of maintenance comes to play. In order to lower the cost of the hardware, there are some companies that tried to get away with it by using low-quality components, requiring the owners to do more maintenance works for the printer than with other machines or appliances.

At Present

Today, the quality of a 3D printing machine has come up along with the demand for it in different industries. But it is very important for owners and users to realize that in order for them to use it to its maximum and get the benefits it has to offer, maintaining and taking care of it is a must. So, here are some ways on how to make sure that your printer is in its top shape.

Keep it Lubricated

A 3D printer has so many moving parts that could lead to stoppages if you fail to keep the bearings and rods from seizing up. But in this case, you should not be using a motor oil but a sewing machine oil. Just a few drops on the rods and rails will solve the problem.

Clean it Out

Clogs could greatly impact the printer’s print quality. A very small clog could foul up your design and even make the product less structurally sound that it should be. Seeing even just a bit of a curve while the filament comes down could be a sign of a problem, so be sure to clean it out.

Keep it Clean

There are parts in a printer that could get sabotaged by debris build-ups after a few printing jobs. To solve this, the very first thing to do is unscrew its extruder. Then take off its cover. For this job, you need to have hex keys. Depending on the printer’s model, you may have to do more dismantling before you can take out the extruder, where you may use a sharp tool to take off the gunk.

Replace when Necessary

The area that you are trying to build could get scratched up, thus affecting the integrity and look of your creation. In this case, you need to find some easy fix. You have to peel off its old tape then replace with a new one. This can be one of the easiest maintenance ways that you can do for your printer.

You can always keep the condition of your 3D printer at its best and let it perform tasks if you also do your part. You need to make sure that is being well taken care of and well-maintained.

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