Should Your Social Media be Automated?

social media marketing

social media marketing

You’re looking to get more sales through social media but do you really have the extra time to invest into it?

No? well you’re not alone there are hundreds of thousands of businesses that are looking to improve on sales through social media this year but many businesses just like your own have put the same amount of the time into their social media marketing but they’re getting more sales and more interactions, so how do they do it?

Well the simplest answer is they automate some of their social media activities mostly the tasks which take the longest. By automating they will save their business time while remaining social.  In this post you’ll be learning what the advantages and disadvantages of social media automation are and what tools are available to you.


  1. Saves your business time and effort which you can delegate to more important tasks
  2. Keeps your followers happy by posting fresh content
  3. Helps your SEO ranking


  1. Can look spammy and annoying
  2. It’s difficult to automate the right content
  3. Free automation tools you can check out:


Buffer is the easiest way to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Just sign up using your social profile and you’re away.

The best thing about Buffer is the analytics  you can clearly see how many interactions each post has and the potential amount of people who saw your share. Buffer highlights your Top Tweets and posts to save you time looking for what’s working.

Adding your tracking code will enable you to track clicks in your posts.

When is the best time to schedule your posts for?

There isn’t one time that suits every business so I suggest using the tool TweetWhen by Hubspot which calculates the best times to Tweet, you can use this information and add it to your schedule times. Check your analytics to discover what posts are getting the most interactions work with them to improve your click through rate and interactions.

IFTTT (If this then that):

You can automate literary anything with this site from saving images you’ve been tagged in on Facebook put in your Dropbox to Tweeting to turn a light on, this tool is just awesome.

To get started create an account with your email address and add your channels. Now you’re ready to start automating, you can either search for a recipe (a combination of a Trigger and an Action from your active Channels) or you can create your own either way you’ll going to have fun automating.

These are my favourite I would recommend you to play around with IFTTT to see how your business can benefit from using it.What should I automate?

Sharing your blog posts also share other industry leaders blog posts just add them to your buffer account with this cool chrome extension:

Schedule the latest news, tips and awesome videos from your industry that you feel will excite your followers.

How not to automate?

Automating your tasks to save time is all very very well but automating too much of your social media is considered spammy it will literally chop your business into two.

The most annoying automation is the auto DM (direct message) for Twitter, every-time you follow someone who has this activated they DM straight away with a spammy link to their boring site.

Auto follow is another terrible idea I would run for the hills from. You’ll receive more Twitter followers but none of them will buy from you. You’ll find it hard to strike a conversation with any of them and your feed will quickly turn to spam. When the next person followers you check out their profile before following them. It ‘s a longer process but you’ll be following potential customers.


Automating your social media marketing saves your business precious time, keep your eye on your analytics so you can alter your posts to keep improving and getting the maximum from social media marketing.