Waterjet Cutting: Its Uses and Applications

Waterjet cutting is a way of cutting plastic, metal, stone, and other materials. Compared to plasma and laser cutting, this one makes use of a high-pressure water stream and garnet to cut through the specific material.


The Process


First off, in the machine’s table, the workpiece will be loaded and a series of clamps will be holding it in place. Then the machine’s operator will be the one to communicate to the computer what needs to be done. With a process that is being pre-programmed and well-guided by a computer, the machine will then begin blasting through the workpiece.

The water cuts through and it is recycled and reused. This makes a waterjet cutter environmentally-friendly than when the water goes to waste.


Uses and Applications


Waterjet cutting is capable of creating intricate and precision designs without the need for heat. It becomes highly useful in many applications and industries such as the following.


The Aerospace Industry


With this technology, it has been possible to create bodies of military aircraft that are made of titanium and even parts of the engines. Given that these components are heat-resistant, the technology does not interfere with intrinsic resistance. In addition, it has been useful in cutting aluminum components, as well as for panels inside the cabin.


The Automotive Industry?


The technology is best for cutting dashboard and door panels, floor liners, carpets and other interior parts of the car. A waterjet cutter can also cut insulation and fiber glass components, even the parts that are underneath the hood. Trunk, truck bed liners, bumpers, foam and plastic components are mainstays when using the technology in automotive industry.


The Electronic Industry


It is also very useful if you need to cut circuit boards and can be utilized whether the circuit board is populated or empty. In addition, the water stream is useful when stripping insulation off wires.


Food Industry


The machine can cut frozen meat- chicken nuggets, fish, strips, and other types of meat. It is also a clean and fast way to cut vegetables like mushrooms, celery, carrots, and so many more.


Interior Design


Whether you want to cut tiles, stone, balusters, shower screens, stained glass or glass inlays, the machine can cut these materials.




This material is used in various applications and with the help of the technology, cutting a fiberglass is made possible. They can be thinly cut into sections. The technology is also an efficient way to create holes, shapes, and precise edges.




Slitting is a very delicate procedure that needs the right kind of cuts. The technology is perfect to be used when creating narrow slits whether it needs to go in corrugated boxboard, paper materials, fiberglass, food, or other products.




Gaskets are very important in engines and other types of mechanical devices. They often need to stand up to heat and pressure while giving isolation and cushion. The machine can be used on gaskets for automotive, marine, and aerospace applications.


These benefits and applications are some of the reasons why today, the machine is in-demand in so many industries.